Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is There a Technology Group in Liberia?

Often, people have been surprised to learn that there are technology groups in Liberia. In fact, some are shocked to learn that there are any local developers at all in Liberia. Well, if you love technology and seek to meet others of similar interest, then the Monrovia chapter of the Google Technology Users Group is for you.

A GTUG is a group of students, educators, tech enthusiasts, developers, and system administrators who come together to learn and share knowledge about technology in an open environment. Although the name Google is associated with it, a GTUG is not affiliated with Google, and therefore is not directly under Google. At a GTUG meet-up, one can discuss any technology topic of interest from Windows to opensource to programming. 

A GTUG seeks to bring all players in the technology industry into one place. This is a great place for technology vendors and ISPs to show off their new products.